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Review: Apple MacBook

Earlier this year, Phil Schiller stepped onto a stage on Apple’s campus and threw some sick burns at the PC industry. “As we all know,” he told the crowd, “Windows PCs were originally conceived of before there was an Internet. Before there was social media. Before there were app stores.” Then he mentioned that 600 million PCs in use today are more than five years old. Schiller called the Apple device in the screen behind him the “ultimate PC replacement” for all those people. “It’s a large enough display to get all of your work done,” he said, “but small and light enough to carry with you everywhere you go.”

Apple MacBook



So light, and so thin. Never buy a laptop without a screen this good. The battery is actually all-day this time. There’s almost certainly enough power here for you.


It is so, so very expensive. The transition from many ports to one is scary. No one’s going to look good in this webcam.