Watch the Star Wars VFX Crew React to Rogue One Trailer Reactions

We live in a weird era where we’re endlessly fascinated by watching other people watch stuff. The social media trend is called a ‘trailer reaction’, and every time Hollywood drops a big trailer release, we are inundated with literally hundreds of thousands of Youtube, Instagram and Vine videos that allow us to watch other people reacting to new footage. The VFX crew at ILM (Industrial Light & Magic) have now released an official video of themselves reacting to fans watching the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer for the very first time. It’s hard to tell what our future generations will think about all this. Is it super cool and fun? Or just one more step towards achieving Idiocracy? Here’s what those at LucasFilm’s ILM department have to say about this unique video.

“At Industrial Light and Magic we know how awesome Star Wars fans are but when John Knoll saw all of the incredible fan reaction videos to the Rogue One trailer he felt he had to share them with the crew. So what did we do? We made our own reaction video to the reaction videos of course. Thanks to all of the fans out there who share their passion for Star Wars online.”

The teaser for Rogue One dropped the first week of April, and as you can see by some of the reactions in this video, people were not disappointed. We’re introduced to new characters, and there are some old surprises thrown in the mix as well. But most of all, these fans rave about the realistic VFX on display. And the ILM crew can only be excited by all the excitement. It’s almost too exciting to handle!

Based on a story often heard but never seen, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is a prequel to Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. It is a period of Civil War. The Rebel’s have scored their first major victory against the Galactic Empire after a surprise attack from a hidden base. And It’s during this sneak raid that a team of Rebel spies manage to steal the secret plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon: The dreaded Death Star!

This first Star Wars spinoff introduces all-new characters played by Felicity Jones, Mads Mikkelsen, Ben Mendelsohn, Alan Tudyk, Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Donnie Yen and Wen Jiang. The movie is directed by Gareth Edwards. The script is by Chris Weitz, with the story coming from Gary Whitta and John Knoll based on characters and ideas created by George Lucas. You can take a look at the Rogue One trailer chain reaction in the video below. It isn’t known when we’ll see more from this sci-fi adventure. We’re getting a Rogue One themed Force Friday this September, when we’ll learn more about these new characters. And we’re sure we’ll see something very cool on May 4th, known worldwide as Star Wars day. We’ve included the original trailer here, because once you watch these reactions, we have a feeling you’ll want to watch the actual trailer again immediately.

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